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EL.VI.Z. S. A. in the spirit of continuous evolution and development, actively participates in research programs with the main objective of producing new animal feeds that improve yields and promote animal health, ensuring at the same time the principles of the circular economy, based on the utilization of residues of cultivation and processing of plants grown in our country and in the use of alternative methods to fight against diseases. The results of research carried out in the company applied with the help of distinguished research organizations in Greece and abroad.

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The team of experienced and qualified geotechnical employees provides instructions & tips for proper nutrition and animal husbandry.

The composition and manufacturing process of our products is implemented by ​​using the latest technology equipment - Factory Automation.

The company's products, and raw materials are under continuous laboratory testings in order to fully meet the nutritional needs of animals.

A veterinary care support is provides to ensure the good health of the animals and their maximum efficiency.